Zirconia is a beautiful and strong material.Often called “white steel”, it combines strength with the translucency necessary for lifelike dental creations.In addition, it may have benefits for patients with metal allergies.Dentists are starting to see good soft-tissue response to zirconia restorations. Many patients who have serious soft-tissue irritation with metal or PFM restorations show improved soft tissue response, often within just a few days after placing zirconia crowns.


A. PORCELAIN FUSED TO ZIRCONIA:  With a translucent, tooth colored framework and esthetic porcelain overlay, Porcelain fused to Zirconia is a beautiful alternative to PFM for single units to long span bridges.


B. FULL CONTOUR ZIRCONIA:  This strong but attractive product is milled from a solid block of zirconia, making it the strongest, all ceramic option available.  The new materials are increasingly translucent.