E.max (Lithium Disilicate)

E.max restorations are currently the most popular anterior single-unit crowns. They are beautiful and show promise for very good long-term service.
A. LAYERED e.max: Probably the most esthetic porcelain material on the market today.  A lithium disilicate framework with esthetic porcelain layered for a very lifelike appearance.  Suitable for veneers, single crowns and 3 unit bridges in the esthetic zone.  Not suitable for posterior bridgework with a molar pontic.
B. FULL CONTOUR e.max: With strength of 500 MPa, and lifelike shading, full contour e.max offers an esthetic solution for inlays, veneers, single crowns and 3 unit bridges.   Not suitable for bridges with a molar pontic.